3rd India Warehousing Excellence Awards
14th March 2020, Mumbai


If you are a warehouse service provider or an ecosystem player, SCMPro would like to recognize you for your efforts at bringing in the best practices in Warehousing into India through the “Third India Warehousing Excellence Awards.” The award seeks to honor you for your commitment to excellence, customer orientation, technology back up, HR practices, cross-industry collaboration, and business excellence. And like with any SCMPro award, this will be a jury moderated award.
The SCMPro Warehousing Awards will be a defining moment in the Warehousing sector – recognizing the real achievements of the sector.
SCMPro will present these awards during the SCMPro Warehousing Forum on 14th March 2020 at Mumbai. Over a hundred CEOs and CXOs of warehouses and users will be attending the awards function to cheer you on.


For More Details Contact:

Sanjay Pal | 7666438880 | sanjaypal@iscmindia.net
Jesal Tanna | 8369646846 | jesal.tanna@iscmindia.net
Pallavi Nagvekar | 9820690725 | pallavi@iscmindia.net

The awards will be decided based on the inputs from an expert panel of Academicians and Supply Chain Experts.

Nomination Guidelines

The Nomination forms and relevant documents are being put together by us and will be mailed to the firms in the Warehousing Sector. The nomination is open to all firms operating in India.

  • You can apply in multiple categories, by paying the requisite fees. Please use a separate form for each award category, if you are applying under more than one category. The form will be send to you on request.
  • Nomination forms and materials submitted will NOT be returned. Nomination information will be verified and excerpts may be used for pre event publicity purposes.
  • The decisions of the Organizing Committee and Jury Panel are final. By nominating you agree to abide by the decision of the Organizing Committee and Jury Panel.

Winning an award is a recognition from a neutral third party of your leadership position in the supply chain domain in India. It delivers a sense of purpose and pride for a job well done. We invite you to benchmark yourselves against your peers.

Warehouse User Award Categories

These awards will recognize the warehouse user for their achievements. Since industry norms are different, the awards will be based on industry verticals. For example, the emphasis on safety in a chemical warehouse is of an higher order than a agri warehouse. SCMPro will recognize the following verticals:
• Chemicals
• Pharmaceuticals
• Agri and fresh produce
• Automobile
• E-commerce
• Retail

Award Categories:

  1. Warehouse Performance Improvement
  2. Best Warehouse Risk Management process
  3. Best Use of technology in a warehouse
  4. Warehouse collaboration of the year
  5. Best Warehouse Safety Practices

Warehouse Service Provider Award Categories

The warehouse awards is for the service provider. Just like in the user, the awards recognize the service provider based on their vertical.

Award Categories:

Business Vertical

  1. Best Pharma Warehouse
  2. Best Retail Warehouse Service Provider
  3. Best Agri Warehouse
  4. Best FMCG Warehouse
  5. Best Chemical Warehouse
  6. Best Automobile Warehouse
  7. Best FMCD Warehouse

Cold Chain

  1. Best Cold Chain Warehouse
  2. Best Practices in Cold Chain
  3. Reefer TRANSPORT Company Of the Year
  4. Innovations in Cold Chain Warehouse
  5. Emerging Cold Chain Warehouse
  6. Best 3PL in Cold Chains
  7. Best Fresh Produce Logistics provider
  8. Best Diary Cold Chain
  9. Best Cold Chain technology provider

Corporate Awards

  1. Best Designed-to-Suit Warehouse
  2. Best Warehouse Safety Practices
  3. Best Warehouse VAS Provider
  4. Warehouse Performance Improvement
  5. Best Warehouse HR Practices
  6. Best Warehouse Risk Management
  7. Innovations in Customer Service
  8. Warehouse of the Year
  9. Green Warehouse of the Year
  10. Best Technology Implementation in a Warehouse

Warehouse Equipment Provider

This series covers the whole gamut – from the floor, racking, Material Handling equipment, AS/RS, Conveyors, Robotics, and the like.

Award Categories:

  1. Best Warehouse Storage Equipment Manufacturer
  2. Innovative Building Material Provider
  3. Best Cold Chain Technology provider
  4. Innovative Flooring Material Provider
  5. Robotics provider of the year
  6. Material Handling equipment Provider of the year
  7. Best Material Handling Service Provider
  8. Automation solution provider of the year
  9. Innovation In Cold Chain Technology

Warehouse Technology and Consulting Award Categories

These awards recognize the ecosystem players who make the warehouse function efficiently – from technology to training.

Award Categories

  1. Best Warehouse Infrastructure Provider
  2. Best Warehouse IT Solution Provider
  3. Best Consulting Services in Warehouse
  4. Best Safety services Provider
  5. Best Training Service Provider
  6. IoT Solutions in Warehouse

Individual Awards

  1. Warehouse Personality of the Year (User)
  2. Warehouse Personality of the Year (Service Provider)
  3. Cold Chain Personality of the Year
  4. Woman visionary in Warehousing

Logistics Tech

These awards recognize the adoption, implementation and disruptive technologies in the logistics sector.

  1. Tracking & Mobility Solution of the Year (Telematics)
  2. Analytics Solution of the Year
  3. BlockChain Application of the Year
  4. Transport Optimization Solution of the Year
  5. Best Cold Chain IT Solution Provider


These awards recognize the industry for continually fostering strong distribution partner relationships by creating exceptional business practices, technology and innovation.

  1. Best Network Design Innovation of the Year
  2. Best Network Design of the year
  3. Best FMCG Distribution
  4. Best Hyper-Local Distribution
  5. Best Pharma Distribution
  6. Best F&B Distribution
  7. Value-Added Distribution services of the Year
  8. Best Distribution Planning Company


These awards recognize the contribution of the packaging industry to over all supply chain. The awards recognize the Packaging Industry for their efforts, contributions, and innovations.

  1. Best innovation project for the Packaging Industry
  2. Sustainability Award for Packaging
  3. Packaging Machinery manufacturer of the Year
  4. Re-usable Packaging Product of the Year


These awards are for the logistics sector – the silent players who ensure corporate supply chains run on time and everywhere.

  1. Best Express Logistics Service Provider
  2. Best Freight Forwarder – road
  3. Best Project Logistics Service Provider
  4. Best e-Comm Logistics Service Provider
  5. Best HighValue Logistics Service Provider
  6. Best Start Up in Logistics
  7. Best technology Startup in Logistics


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Past Attendee

Following firms have attended the last years Warehousing Awards.